TDWG 2010 Working Session

Beispieldaten der Gattung Cichorium. Das ist eine kleine Gattung im Portal (Cichorium L.:)

  • Cichorium

    • C. bottae
    • C. calvum
    • C. endivia [SDD]
    • C. hybridum
    • C. intybus [SDD]
    • C. intybus subsp. intybus
    • C. intybus subsp. spicatum
    • C. pumilum
    • C. spinosum [SDD]

Current TCS for this data you find here

Drei Beispiele von deskriptiven Daten aus Xper2 und DeltaAccess:

  • Cichorium endivia (und Specimen)

  • Cichorium intybus (und Specimen), keine Belege für die subsp.

  • Cichorium spinosum (und Specimen)


  • keine CDM DB (wird angelegt)

  • leere Drupal DB & leeres Portal

Ablauf (aktualisiert)

Resources for the demonstration at the EDIT5yearEvent in Paris are found in Y:\BDI\Publikationen\Präsentationen\2011-01-18 EDIT5yearEvent Paris

|We start with the following setup: - all applications installed nothing configured except - existing Database configured in TaxonEditor||||
|Editor areas, basic overview|import TCS|||
||add synonymy to C. intybus (copy & paste) #2192|||
|purpose of server, exposes data stored in cdm database to other servers in the web, just like the the dataportal. It will connect to the server to obtain and publish data as webpages |||start server|
|||install Drupal instance using CDM DatPortal profile||
|||add blocks Taxon Tree (-10) & Search (-8) (show C. intybus synonymy); - show Tree and classification switcher - search for Cichorium intybus - show intybus synonymy||
|Now: Import of more synonyms, common names, media, distribution. Excel sheets are easy to edit and maintain (for almoust everybody).Show Excel sheet in advance. Show common names in Editor|Import Excel "Normal Explicit"|||
|We will now take a look at the new data - but at first we will beautify the DataPortal||Choose cdm_dataportal theme||
|map delivered by EDIT map service, introduction on EDIT geo tools after this demonstration||C. endivia: Distribution ,Images, Synonymy||
|||show protologue links to BHL; Link points to wrong page in Sp. Pl.; fix the URL in Editor and demonstrate in dataportal||
|We will complete the data with specimens, speciemens are available from GBIF, can be searched, downloaded and imported. GBIF and other providers are integreated into the data portal -> External links ||enable External links block (-6)||
|Specimen Explorer: search GBIF/BIOCASE infrastructure for specimens and observations - filtering for eg. Specimens only possible. Search term expansion.||C. endivia: goto specimen explorer & select first 500 units ordered my multimedia items & download.||
|explain ABCD: data exchange of specimens and observations |Import ABCD for C. endivia (ABCD in files starting with: B-W*, INPN*, Main_. STR_, 35538_*) #2194 #2195|||
|||Show specimens, map and images||
||||Delta Access (Diversity Descriptions) - show descriptive data (3.1) - export as SDD (5.2)|
||import DeltaAccess sdd|||
|||show general tab of C. endivia; configure Feature Tree for Natural Language generation; show description||

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