Specimen Facade

This page describes the needs for specimen part to be implemented during the specimen/eFlora sprint.

See #1671 for the WP6 requirements.

|Field name|Example 1|Example 2|Diptera|Specimen Facade|
||||Location content type||
|country|Germany|Italy|"Country"|set of named areas (TODO seperate for countries, TDWG areas, ...?)|
|TDWG unit (state province)|||"State province"|see above, TODO |
|locality|Berlin-Dahlem, E side of Englerallee|Tuscany, …|"Locality"|!MultiLanguageString locality|
|Altitude (range)|40 m|-|" Minimum elevation in meters", " Maximum elevation in meters"|!AbsoluteElevation + AbsoluteElevationError; a range is entered as the average and the error must be half the distance of the range - transformation methods exist in the facade but the range distance must be even to work properly|
|coordinates latitude (as cache in Point?)|45°45" N||"Latitude"|exactLocation (2 dimensional Point, error radius, referenceSystem); TODO transformation into degree, minutes, seconds|
|coordinates longitude|35°45" E||" Longitude"|see above|
|coordinates source (method) / accuracy (unschärfe), geographic datum(?)|Google Earth||"Georeference Protocol", " Coordinate uncertainty in meters"|see above|
||||Specimen content type|
|-|||"Basis of record"|TODO|
|habitat, ecological data (only field notes)|sand dunes||" Field notes"|!MultiLanguageString Ecology|
|collection date|38477||" Earliest date collected", " Latest date collected"|gathering period (!TimePeriod)|
|collector(s) and collection number|Kilian 5678, Müller & Kohlbecker|Kilian, Müller & Kohlbecker 6789|" Collector", "Collector number"|!AgentBase Collector + String CollectorNumber (new field AgentBase fieldNumberActor ??)|
|Exsiccatum & exs. Number (??)|Greuter, Pl. Dahlem. 456||| String exsiccatum (not yet in model !!)
also ABCD has as string

for a structured modelling see Diversity Collection |

|Herbarium (All institution data) & accession number|B 8909756|WU|" Institution code", " Collection code", " Catalogue number text",|Collection(code, codeStandard, name, townOrLocation, Institution institute, Collection superCollection), accesionNumber, catalogNumber, collectorsNumber|
|notes on plant (morphology, phenology etc.) unklar wo das ins Model soll, wenn es nicht strukturiert vorliegt|flowers blue|tree, height 7 m|" Remarks"|!MultiLanguageString PlantDescription|
|Determination /Taxon (mehrfach notwendig ??)||det. Meyer|" Identified by", " Date identified, Year" (separately: month, day)|set of determination events(taxon, isPreferred, references, AgentBase determinator, timeperiod, description)|
|literature source (multiple??)||Kilian (1999)||Original sources|
|links to images||||field object media + specimen media|
|Duplicates||||duplicate specimen set (sharing the same last derivation event)|
||||" Type Status"|not implemented in specimen facade but in type modul|
||||" Identification qualifier/modifier"|modifier in determination event|
|Sex|||"Sex"|Sex sex|
|Life Stage|||" Life stage"|Stage lifeStage|
|Individual count|||" Individual count"|individual count (further refinement needed for separating sex and stages ?)
||||"Genbank number"|TODO|
||||"Other catalogue numbers"|see duplicates|
||||"Field number"|see collectors number|
||||Further fields not on Scratchpads|
||||Specimen preparation|Preservation Method|
||||Condition of specimen|TODO|
||||Label data|TODO|
||||Further fields available in the specimen facade|
|||||Field Object Definition - Multilanguage freetext to describe the field specimen|
|||||Specimen Definition - Multilanguage freetext to describe the collection specimen|
|||||Distance to Ground|
|||||Distance to water surface|
|||||Gathering Event description - freetext (not multilanguage) to describe the gathering event|
|||||Stored under - the taxon name this specimen is stored under|

Favoured output version of the first example would be:

Germany, Berlin-Dahlem, E side of Englerallee, alt. 40 m, 45°45"N, 35°45"E (Google Earth), sand dunes, 05.05.2005, Kilian 5678, Müller & Kohlbecker; Greuter, Pl. Dahlem. 456 (B 8909756); flowers blue.


  • Segregates refer to the fields in the table

  • combination of number and collector (exsiccatum, herbarium) is preferred. Otherwise things will be complicated by collection numbers of teams, of individuals in teams etc. (cf. examples 1 and 2)

  • note use of semicolons and brackets, addition of "alt."

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