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David Taylor, 08/07/2007 12:35 PM

Revisionary Models

This page contains some of the models developed from the EDIT interviews, along with their accompanying documentation. As of March 2007, sixteen interviews have been undertaken from which 14 models were able to be developed - the work of two scientists proved unsuitable for revisionary modelling.

All work is returned to the interviewee for review and 'rubber-stamping' before publishing on this wiki.

If you have any comments on the models, or would like any further information please feel free to contact me.

DavidTaylor, March 2007

Reports and other documents

|Description | Click here to download |
|Operational model for revisionary taxonomy. | Deliverable 5.08.pdf
|Draft unified model for revisionary taxonomy. | Deliverable
|Review of interviewing techniques and guidance for future interviews | attachment:interview_review.pdf |

Individual models

|Institute |Subject|Link|
|RBG Kew, London |Botany|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model1|
|NHM, London |Entomology|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model2|
|HNHM, Budapest |Paeleo-botany|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model3|
|HNHM, Budapest |Algeology|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model4|
|University of Copenhagen |Arachnology|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model5|
|University of Copenhagen |Annelids|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model6|
|University of Copenhagen |Mycology|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model7|
|RBG Edinburgh |Botany|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model8|
|RBG Edinburgh |Botany|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model9|
|Naturalis, Leiden |Paloe-malacology|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model10|
|Fact-finding Group session, unsuitable for modelling |
|University of Amsterdam |Ichthyology|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model12|
|Comenius University, Bratislava|Acardology|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model13|
|SAS, Bratislava |Lichenology|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model14|
| |
|SAS, Bratislava |Entomology|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model16|
| |
| |
|RMCA, Tervuren |Arachonology|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model19|
|ZINRAS, St.Petersburg |Nematology|wiki:RevisionaryModels/Model20|

Deliverable - Deliverable - Draft unified model for revisionary taxonomy (197 KB) Anonymous, 08/07/2007 12:36 PM

Interview review.pdf - Review of interviewing technique used throughout the modelling phase (18.1 KB) Anonymous, 08/07/2007 12:40 PM - Complete packahe of models (657 KB) Anonymous, 08/14/2007 11:51 AM

Deliverable 5.08.pdf - Deliverable 5.08.pdf (370 KB) Anonymous, 08/15/2007 04:30 PM

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