Revisionary Models

The revisionary modelling stage is now complete. On this page you can view the final and interim reports, along with the individual models developed from the EDIT interviews and their accompanying documentation [...]

DavidTaylor, March 2007

Reports and other documents

Description download
Operational model for revisionary taxonomy. Deliverable 5.08.pdf
Draft unified model for revisionary taxonomy. Deliverable
Review of interviewing techniques and guidance for future interviews Interview review.pdf
Package of models from interviewing stage

MergedModel: Merged Model
MergedModel1: Merged Model 1

Individual models

Institute Subject Link
RBG Kew, London Botany RevisionaryModelsModel1
NHM, London Entomology RevisionaryModelsModel2
HNHM, Budapest Paeleo-botany RevisionaryModelsModel3
HNHM, Budapest Algeology RevisionaryModelsModel4
University of Copenhagen Arachnology RevisionaryModelsModel5
University of Copenhagen Annelids RevisionaryModelsModel6
University of Copenhagen Mycology RevisionaryModelsModel7
RBG Edinburgh Botany RevisionaryModelsModel8
RBG Edinburgh Botany RevisionaryModelsModel9
Naturalis, Leiden Paloe-malacology RevisionaryModelsModel10
University of Amsterdam Ichthyology RevisionaryModelsModel12
Comenius University, Bratislava Acardology RevisionaryModelsModel13
SAS, Bratislava Lichenology RevisionaryModelsModel14
Natural History Museum, Stuttgart Palaeontologist RevisionaryModelsModel15
SAS, Bratislava Entomology RevisionaryModelsModel16
RMCA, Tervuren Ornithology RevisionaryModelsModel18
RMCA, Tervuren Arachonology RevisionaryModelsModel19
ZINRAS, St.Petersburg Nematology RevisionaryModelsModel20

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