Print Publication with MS Access and MS Word

For the print publication you need the MS-Access database CDM2Word.accdb and the Word template PrintoutputMakros.dotm. The most recent versions are available under

If you want to create print publications regularly you can copy the template to C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen{username}\Anwendungsdaten\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP\, otherwise you load the template after opening word.

To get the data for the print-publication you have to export a csv file. Therefore go to "File" -> "Export" -> "CDM" then click >"CSV_PRINT"

Please choose a classification and a directory to save the csv file.

The csv file has to be imported to the MS Access DB. Therefore we provide a pre-defined specification. Click on the table Caryo_test with right click and choose "Import" then choose "text import".

After selecting the file, an import assistent starts, here you can choose the specification.


After the selection of the specification you will get a warning that the fieldnames contain invalid characters, this is only because of the order of the steps for the import of the table. At the end everything works fine.

The next step is to export the report CaryophyllalesSpecies if you want to create a report of all families, genera and below, if you want to export only the genera, use the CaryophyllalesGenera report.

Please do a right click on the report and choose "Export" -> Textfile.

This export creates a txt file with all relevant format information. Open this txt file in Word and load the template:

Go to File-> Options, then choose Add-ins, then choose in the pull-down "Word-Add-ins" and add the PrintoutputMakros.dotm to the templates.


If the word template is correctly loaded there should be two new buttons in your menu bar:

If you want to format your output in willdenowia format, click on format willdenowia, or if you want to format it more like the publication of the cuba checklist then choose format Cuba.

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