Primary CDM Objects

Primary CDM objects are the main objects of the CommonDataModel around which the model is organised. Technically they are represented as subclasses of the abstract IdentifiableEntity class as depicted in the CDM base class diagram ?goto=1:1:1:1:2:31.

Label / Title

All primary cdm objects have a titleCache property. That is a title string that summarise all relevant information of this object in a human readable way. Taxa could for example have Abies alba subsp. alba Mill. sec. Greuter 2008 while a specimen could read USA Massachusetts:6 Nov 1940, R.B. Clark 15352 (MO).

Concrete Classes

The following is the list of concrete Cdm:common:IdentifiableEntity subclasses. Each of them is therefore considered a _primary CDM object _:

  • Cdm:description:DescriptionBase - a description of a specimen or taxon consisting of several features

  • Cdm:molecular:Sequence - a DNA sequence

  • Cdm:taxon:TaxonBase - a taxon or synonym

  • Cdm:name:TaxonNameBase - a pure taxonomical name

  • Cdm:agent:Agent - a person, institution or team

  • Cdm:occurrence:Collection - a collection of specimens or observations

  • Cdm:reference:ReferenceBase - a literature reference

  • Cdm:occurrence:SpecimenOrObservationBase - a specimen or observation

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