Portal Meeting in Berlin 2007

Meeting between wp6 exemplar goups and wp5 developers on the 16.10.2007 at the BotanicGardenBerlin to discuss the data portal mockup integration, planned taxonomic editor developments and future key/structured descriptions agenda. The main purpose of the meeting is to allow the exemplar groups to explore their vision with the developers. We have to produce our end-of-project vision to present to the NSC in November.

Draft Agenda

11:00 start

  • Intros

  • The dataportal future, i.e. Integrating the palmweb mockup with the cichorieae portal and probably produce a drupal module for it. This is the primary focus for this meeting!

  • The planned taxonomic desktop editor --> Pepe

  • From scratchpads to CDM

  • Keys and structured descriptive data

18:00 finish

Sandwiches will be served for lunch to save time.


The general portal roadmap.pdf was agreed with, the individual timing of tasks might need refinement. The TaxonomicEditor desktop approach was received positive for doing complex taxonomic work, though for many simple tasks like adding associated data, "facts", or editing distribution and specimens, some simple webforms would probably meet better the needs of collaborators not getting too much involved into the editing. Complementing webforms through the portal and the CDM Store webservices whould therefore be considered in a later step.

Migrating data from the scratchpads and other simple checklists should be possible through a simple standard checklist CSV format. This format would need to be transformed into the native CDM xml formart which then can be imported. Other unstructured data attached to scratchpads will need manual transformation into the CDM xml or the simple CSV format.

Portal functionality

To go ahead with the portal development, the functionality was prirotised based on WP6 requirements

  • Classification, single

  • Nomenclature

    • Name
    • Complete original reference
    • Authors
    • Status
    • Type (kind of type, designation, specimen information, locality, number, sex, depository references, links to type images)
  • Taxa lists 1

    • Names accepted
    • Synonymy (heterotypic vs. homotypic vs. unknown)
    • Hybrids
    • Cultivars Misapplied names
  • Protologue Scan -> NameFact

  • Natural language Description -> Fact

  • Recommended description reference => Taxon Sec ref ???

  • Taxon Images (Habitat) -> Fact

  • Bibliography list view of all references linked to the taxon (e.g. via fact)

  • Distribution

    • Point Occurrence
    • Presence/Absence distribution
    • maps, scans
  • Specimen/Occurrence Image

  • GenBank/EMBL link, incl. synonyms

  • Conservation (links to IUCN site) -> Fact

  • Uses -> Fact

  • Local names

  • Ecology -> Fact

  • Taxonomic discussion -> Fact

  • Other facts -> Facts

  • File attachments with metadata (description, format)

  • Taxa lists 2

    • Excluded Taxa. (At all taxonomic levels).
    • Incertae sedis and taxa not sufficiently known.
  • Structured descriptions

    • (Interactive) Keys
    • Phylogenetic Tree
  • Molecular barcode data

  • Alternative full treatments

    • as separate taxon concepts
    • through fact with orig pdf
  • Navigate alternative classification

  • Work in progress, proposal (new version, pdf, link)

  • Credits


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