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March 11, 2009, Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem

Participants: Anahit Babadshanjan, Irina Brake, Pepe Ciardelli, Ralf Hand, Niels Hoffmann, Norbert Kilian, Andreas Kohlbecker, Andreas Müller, Eckhard von Raab-Straube, Soraya Villalba


  • Tasks with security considerations moved back to August, when security apparatus should be further along

  • Issue 18 "implement image import with metadata handling for user contributed images" put off until Sept. - too big an issue for August deliverable


  • Wiki page for statistics? Exemplar groups should propose categories

  • The same filters can be used for name indexing, advanced search, and statistics

  • Ralf requested filters for: all names with protologs / type info / etc.; names with no type info

  • Exemplar groups should request filters via ticket #424 (CdmDataportalRoadmap issue 6)

  • Don't forget: statistics helpful, but not a high priority

Vernacular names search

  • Diptera not so interested in common names

  • Palms stores them as part of descriptions

  • Cichorieae common names exist, not yet imported into CDM

  • Button for search results from another session is confusing – NEEDED: more feedback to tell user exactly what this means

  • Put sort order of search results under ticket #472

Prioritizing bugs and new features

  • Bugs affecting users' first impression should be made highest priority

  • Recognize that there is tradeoff with new functionality

  • Cichorieae has 2 portal versions, internal & external; external only shows completed functionality

  • Diptera and Palm portals must be presentable for eBiosphere conference in June

  • CONCLUSION: bugs marked as CRITICAL must be solved before new features are implemented

  • Developers should let exemplar groups know if a CRITICAL bug requires so much time that it will impede schedules


  • Norbert: nomenclatural refs are largely inappropriate as source for bibliography, should be replaced by full bibliographic citations

  • The developers explained the implications of clustering references, unique IDs

  • Each taxon page should have bibliography, i.e. list of all references used for taxon

  • Is there a possibility of identifying a reference as being in some way related to a taxon? Could lists be generated which show all references for units, descriptions, etc., and allow the user to choose which ones to show?

  • Sort order was discussed, as was the implentation of reference title cache

  • The linking of bibliographic references was discussed

  • A list of Palm references was imported from an RTF file; these apparently should not have been imported

  • EndNote one possible tool for reference imports, but it is commercial software, and its long-term viability is therefore in question

  • How should references be linked? Via taxa? Keywords?

  • Group preference: references have IDs used for listing

  • Discussed linking subsets of text w/ references i.e. text ranges identified for footnoting – this would however mean significant changes to model and software

Type species for genus names

  • NOT YET IMPLEMENTED: synonymy w/ in name type designations; infrequent but not necessarily rare; requires a model change

  • Group would prefer the synonymy to be displayed in the type in square brackets, rather than within a link to taxon / synonymy (because it is better to have all info on one page, not hidden in a link)

  • Designations of type species are handled differently in zoology. For example instead of calling a type species 'lectotype' it is cited how the species was designated, e.g. by subsequent designation (see ticket #642). However a type specimen of a species name may be a lectotype.

  • Add monotype to specimen type designation statii?

  • Soraya will send Andreas M. examples of more complicated name type formats


  • Requires further modelling discussion

  • Group discussed possibility of associating a credit with taxon, as well as with an entire treatment by associating a credit with the treatment's highest-ranked taxon

  • Nice to have: the ability to pull up all contributions from one person

  • A credit class would conceivably consist of:

    • person / contributor;
    • new info / correction / addition;
    • team;
    • year;
    • associated taxon / description / reference / etc.
  • Use Cichorieae credits as test case


  • 1) Contributed images 2) User images

  • Where will image be stored? How will they be displayed?

  • Store in Flicker? Morphbank (not answering Soraya's entreaties)? Amazon S3?

  • Exemplar group images can be stored at BGBM for the time being

  • Linking of type images – using type images stored in Vienna possible performance indicator vis à vis integration

  • Can images be saved with type designation?

  • Protolog images should be shown with synonymy, perhaps via small link icon

  • Norbert's wish: implement rudimentary image support in type module to give a rough idea of how type images will be fully implemented in the future

Portal Management

  • Andreas K. walked through administration options

  • Need to make portal theming more flexible

  • Palm & Diptera will send Berlin developers screenshots / specs for theming their portals – in the short-term at least, these themes will be static, i.e. non-configurable, but will at least reflect the wishes of the exemplar groups


  • Irina requested following formatting in property sheet for genus name type designations:

|+ Type Species|Species name|
|----- Designation|i.e. Monotypy|
|--- + Citation … | |

  • Next feature: images

  • Palms have a complex Description feature "Uses" which cannot be input using any existing tool – should Editor be extended for "Uses"?

  • After Pepe’s London trip, he will send exemplar groups a stable version of the Editor


  • The group agreed on a format for Excel spreadsheets for name import – now data is needed to test the import

Next meeting

  • Combine with eBiosphere in London? Maybe in a smaller group (to be determined via email), then with full group in September?

  • Link


The agenda of the meeting was as follows:

1. Welcome (9:30)

  • Agenda

  • Minutes

2. Data Portals (10:00)

  • Progress on the current list of tasks

  • Reference Page / List

  • Types

  • Credits

  • Images

  • Portal management (access to administrators)

  • t.b.c

3. Taxonomic Editor (13:00)

4. Imports (15:00)

  • Images

  • References (ImportReferences)

  • Excel Formats

Others (16:30)

  • Next meeting

End (17:00)

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