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 _Primary use cases for the platform_ 


 # Platform Use Cases 

 ## Monography Use Cases 

 * [[UseCasePalmMonography]] - create a monography while keeping it in sync (both ways) with kews global palms checklist 

 * [[UseCaseCichorieae]] - create a worldwide taxonomic database based on/in sync with an existing regional dataset (Euro+Med) 

 ## Checklist Use Cases 

 * [[UseCaseEuroPlusMed]] - create an on-line dynamical plant checklist for Europe and the mediterranean area with several taxonomists and many regional advisors 

 * [[UseCaseMoose]] - use the Berlin Model [WebEditor]( WebEditor to edit the German Reference List of Mosses, which uses concept relations extensively 

 ## Other Use Cases 

 * UseCaseFieldGuide - writing (regional) field guides 

 * UseCaseLegacyPublication - publish a (printed) legacy dataset 

 * UseCaseMonitoring - download taxa list for a certain region and higher taxonomic group. If possible with keys.