|RelID|Botanical Term|Zoological Term|
|1|is basionym for| is original combination of (?) |
|2|is later homonym of|is junior homonym of|
/\ for earlier/senior homonyms the later hom. relation is used in reverse order

|RelID|Botanical Term|Zoological Term|
|3|is replaced synonym for| has substitute name |
|4|is validation of| ? |
|5|is later validation of| ? |
|6|is type of| is nominal taxon of |
|7|is conserved type of| ? |
|8|is rejected type of| ? |
|9|is first parent of| {X} no hybrid names|
|10|is second parent of| {X} no hybrid names|
|11|is female parent of| {X} no hybrid names|
|12|is male parent of| {X} no hybrid names|
|13|is conserved against| is protected against |
|14|is rejected in favour of|is surpressed in favour of|
|15|is treated as later homonym of|is treated as junior homonym of|
|16|is orthographic variant of| <-- |
|17|is alternative name for| ? |

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