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Please refer to TaxonomicEditorDevelopersGuide

This page describes the steps required to move the taxonomic editor development environment to Eclipse Luna.

Step 1 : Install Luna RCP

Install Luna RCP bundle on your machine.

Alternatively you may install Standard Luna and install all required plugins for rcp development: Plug-in Development Environment (PDE), Remote Application Platform (RAP), and optional WindowBuilder Core

Step 2 : Get the Luna compatible branch

This is any branch including and after 3.6.1-SNAPSHOT

Step 3 : Update the target platform

  • Open the file in the eu.etaxonomy.taxeditor project

  • For the nebula site click on "edit" and select the Composite Table Widget

  • Select the three software sites and hit update. This will compute the dependencies of the various plugins and retrieve them to give a result which looks like

<code class="html">
<font color="red">Warning : Due to a bug related to this functionality in Eclipse the update may not happen immediately, giving errors like 'Unable to locate ..'. In this case restart Eclipse and redo the above two steps.</font>

Step 4 : Setup the workspace to use the rcp target

  • Open the Preferences panel (Window -> Preferences) and select Plug-in Development -> Target Platform.

  • Select the Eclipse Indigo Target*. If you see 'Unable to locate ..' errors in the *Locations view then hit Reload to fix these. Hit Apply to use the chosen rcp target for the development environment.

  • Delete the eu.etaxonomy.taxeditor.application.product configuration from the Run/Debug configurations if it exists because you have worked with a prior version before.

  • Right click on the eu.etaxonomy.taxeditor.application project and choose Run as -> Eclipse Application to create new launch configurations for Run / Debug.

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