Map REST Service API 2.0 Discussion

This is being used to discuss the API specification for next version of the EDIT Map Service: MapRestServiceApi 2.0

The original specification and proposal for the currently released Map Service API is found in MapRestServiceApi.

1.) Which delimiters should be used in which situation?

(compare as= and os= : delimiters ‘,’ vs ‘/’ and ‘|’ vs ‘|’)

2.) Should the syntax conform to the according RFC?

3.) Which parameters are mandatory which are optional?

4.) What defines the order of the layers in the layer stack?

5.) How to define text labels?

(compare os= vs as= + title=)

How can font-weight, -size, color of the labels be specified?

Suggestion: The label parameter currently only has a boolean value, this could be extended by allowing to supply a style value like for the mc_s parameter:

label=<font-family>,<font-size in pt>,<color>

n.) …. There are for sure more questions to come ….

Histogram (or general ?) chart service API

Proposed query parameters

  • ...

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