Map Editing

Creating and editing styled maps

SLD files

IMPORTANT!!!! SLD files produced (exported) by QGis are not suitable for two reasons:

  1. These Styles are not compliant with Geoserver
  2. Labels would be missing
  3. No support for <FeatureTypeStyle> elements which are important for defining the render order of the styled features (see below)

For Editing the SLD files the following applications are recommended:

  • uDig - very useful, best application used so far
  • scisys - only briefly tested, connecting tghe SLD to a data source (shape files) seems complicated.
  • Atlas Styler - can not import exising SLD files and the project no longer exists (Atlas Styler installer downloaded and archived)

Related discussions and other info:

Deterministic render order of features

The render order is defined by the feature id which is hardly manageable and may chnage arbitrarily due to editing the shape file etc.
The recommended solution is to use <FeatureTypeStyle>

This technique is described here the original post to which this wiki page refers to does no longer exist but has bee preserved here Support story_ Deterministic rendering order in SLDs - Boundless.pdf

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