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Joint EDIT/PESI Page for Taxonomic Integrity Rules

This page is a compilation of taxonomic data integrity rules, which are used or can be used in the course of quality control processes in taxonomic databases. The list contains initially data integrity rules from Euro+Med plantbase and Fauna Europaea and is constantly updated and extended by PESI and EDIT participants. It is the basis for quality control mechanisms implemented in the EDIT CDM library and its associated import modules.

[wiki: Taxonomic integrity rule levels explained]

|Rule Id|Level|Domain|Source|Object|Rule|
|1|1|All|FaEu (DET- BR001), E+M|taxon name|Name elements (GenusOrUninomial, InfraGenericEpithet, SpecificEpithet and InfraSpecificEpithet) must use only standard Latin characters (52 ASCII characters) without spaces.|
|2|1|All|FaEu, E+M|taxon name|GenusOrUninomial and InfraGenericEpithet must start with an uppercase letter; all following letters must be lowercase letters.|
|3|1|All|FaEu, E+M|taxon name|SpecificEpithet and InfraSpecificEpithet must use only lowercase letters.|
|4|2|Zoology|FaEu (DET- BR014)|Taxon name|Superfamily names must end with -oidae.|
|5|3|Zoology|FaEu (BR006)|Taxon name|Family names must end with -idae.|
|6|2|Zoology|FaEu (DET- BR015)|Taxon name|Subamily names must end with -inae.|
|7|2|Zoology|FaEu (DET- BR016)|Taxon name|Tribe names must end with -ini.|
|8|2|Zoology|FaEu (DET- BR017)|Taxon name|Subtribe names must end with -ina.|
|9|1|All|E+M|Taxon name|GenusOrUninomial is mandatory for all names.|
|10|2|All|E+M|Taxon name|Suprageneric and genus names have neither InfraGenericEpithet nor SpecificEpithet nor InfraSpecificEpithet.|
|11|2|11|FaEu, E+M|Taxon name|InfraGenericEpithet is mandatory only for infrageneric names.|
|12|2|Botany|E+M|Taxon name|Only infrageneric names have InfraGenericEpithet.|
|13|2|All|FaEu, E+M|Taxon name|Species names must have SpecificEpithet (mandatory) but have no InfraSpecificEpithet. |
|14|2|All|FaEu, E+M|Taxon name|SpecificEpithet and InfraSpecificEpithet are mandatory for infraspecific names|
|15|2|Botany||Taxon name|GenusOrUninomial, InfraGenericEpithet and SpecificEpithet must all be diferent.|
|16|2|Botany||Taxon name|GenusOrUninomial, InfraGenericEpithet and InfraSpecificEpithet must all be diferent.|
|17|3|All|S|Basionymy|A taxon name and its basionym must belong to the same homotypical group.|
|18|3|All|E+M|Basionymy|The basionym author of a taxon name must be the combination author of its basionym if the basionymy relationship exists.|

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