Specimen Import from GBIF/BioCase

On this page we want to discuss and define the way of importing specimen from GBIF/BioCase into a CDM instance.


  • The search should be possible for BioCase Providers and for GBIF.

  • The search parameters should be more general (at the moment they are more botanical related)

  • The result of the BioCase search is not larger than 200 units, for larger datasets we have to page it.

  • For the providers it should be possible to have a freetext field for searching the institution or collection code and the recently used providers should be presented first.

  • It should be possible to choose the specimen imported into the db.

  • It is important that the determinations are imported to the CDM

  • AnnoSys should be included to add annotations to the original data. (Maybe the annotation should also be visible in the EDIT portal)

  • Possibility to choose a single taxon which is the "target" for all imported specimen

  • For a bulk import of specimen the matching algorithm should compare only the scientific name without the authorstring

  • The possibility to check the imported data

  • Unit References


  • GBIF deletes names or change names which are not found in the GBIF backbone (for example a species name not in the backbone but with a known genus is reduced to the genus epithet)

Implementation (Ideas)

  • Getting the data for a search from the webservice and display the information in a table.

  • In this table it is possible to select the specimen which should be imported.

  • The next step would be to send the IDs to the server and the server starts the import only for the selected specimen.

  • In the search dialog the target taxon can be chosen by a selection dialog.

  • Implementing a bulk editor filter for sources (to filter all specimen of one import)

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