Internet Explorer: How to handle invalid security certificates ?

When accessing for the first time Community Single Sign-On (CSSO) enabled web sites like

the Internet Explorer will certainly announce The following Security Alert dialog.


If you want to omit this warning in the future,

  • Select the radio button In the future, do not show this warning


  • Push the button OK to leave this dialog

The following steps differ a little bit, depending on the version of your Internet Explorer installation

Internet Explorer 6

  • Push the button View Certificate


*Internet Explorer 7 & 8 *

  • Click on the link Continue to this website (not recommended)


  • Click into the red field Certificate Error to the right of the URL at the top of the window

  • Now, the Untrusted Certificate dialog will appear

  • Click on the link View Certificates


All versions

From here, the following steps are identical to all Internet Explorer versions, since they are part of the Windows Operating System implementation. The following images are taken from a Windows XP installation.


  • The Certificate dialog should open

  • Switch to the tab Details

  • Within the list, scroll down until you reach the entry Thumbprint and click on that entry

  • In a second browser window, open the EDIT WP 5.7 Certification Authority page and look for the SHA-1 fingerprint of the server you currently wanted to access

  • Compare the Thumbprint value with the value for the SHA-1 fingerprint of the current server in the EDIT WP 5.7 Certification Authority page.

Note: Proceed only, if the fingerprints are identical. Otherwise, inform the EDIT Support Team immediately !

  • Switch back to the tab General

  • Push the button Install Certificate


  • This starts the Certificate Import Wizard. Just push the button Next


  • Verify, that the radio button Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate is selected

  • Push the button Next


  • You may verify your settings again

  • Leave the Certificate Import Wizard by pushing the button Finish


  • The certificate should be successfully installed now.

  • Finish the Certificate Import Wizard by pushing the button OK


  • Close the Certificate dialog by pushing the button Close.


Internet Explorer 6

  • Now, You can close the Security Alert dialog too by pushing the button Yes


From now on, you should never be minded by an security alert for this server.

But, you will have to repeat these steps once for each other Community Single Sign-On (CSSO) enabled web sites you did not have visited before !

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