Help on Email Notification

To receive email notifications for changed wiki pages you will have to enter your email adress in the UserPreferences of your wiki registration. By default you will not be noticed of any changes.

Each wiki page can be subscribed to seperately by following the "Subscribe" item in the menu.

Additionally you can check all your subscribed pages in the lower part of the UserPreferences dialogue called "Subscribed wiki pages".

Enter .* to receive an email when any page in this Wiki changes (not recommended for busy wikis), or enter the names of any individual pages, one per line. If you are familiar with regular expressions, you may enter a regex expression to match the pages names of interest (.* matches all page names). With the Show icon toolbar option checked, subscription to individual pages is made easy by clicking the envelope icon when viewing a page of interest.

RSS Feed

See the Self:RSSFeed wiki page for this.

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