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Andreas Kohlbecker, 10/23/2007 10:59 AM

The ExpertsDatbase is going to be implemented in Drupal by mainly using Drupal core and contributed modules. The final ExpertsDatbase will be released as a Drupal module which will perform some automatic installation task but manual installation and configuration will be also required.

Drupal Modules

How to install the ExpertsDatbase

Import taxonomies

Import all taxonomies xml files from ./expertDB/resources/

When importing the taxonomies by the taxonomy_xml it is highly recommended that you set

the max_execution_time and max_input_time in the php.ini to a value which is high

enough to prevent from interrupting the import process.

We use the following setting. Five Minutes of max_execution_time should be sufficient:

max_execution_time = 300     
max_input_time = 120

IMPORTANT: You must check the 'Allow duplicate terms' option when importing

- DAISIE taxonomy structure.import.xml

- geography-ed2.import.xml 

Once all taxonomies are imported you should restore the former values of max_execution_time and max_input_time.

Setup access control

To setup the access control go to {{admin/user/access}} and

Module NodeProfile

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