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Platform Plug-in Developer Guide : 'Platform Plug-in Developer Guide' & 'Plug-in Development Environment Guide'

Platform News Groups

Color Constants

All your layout questions answered

Implementing help


Eclipse Corner Articles : explaining concepts like drag and drop, views, ....

Commands overview:

Good introduction to the basic structure of an RCP project:

SWT layout tutorial:

Tabbed properties tutorial:

Text editor:

Content assist:


Extensively formatted tree viewer tool tips:

Pre-fabricated properties view:

Using decorators to lay over an element's image, i.e. for warnings:

RCP and Maven:

Code Examples

Eclipse Quirks

VERY STRANGE "OPEN EDITOR ACTION" BUG: when opening an editor w/ the command openEditor in the run() method of an org.eclipse.jface.action.Action subclass, the editor MUST have an icon defined in its plugin.xml Extension details. Otherwise, you'll get the following error: Unable to open editor, unknown editor ID: eu.etaxonomy.taxeditor.designproposal1.view.mpetestview.


Data Binding

Several data binding frameworks exist for Java. IBM Developer Works gives a good overview.

We focus on JFace, cause there is ready Eclipse support available:

Model-View-Controller (general)

The following two articles describe an example of an MVC GUI written in Swing, but it nonetheless gets down to the nitty gritty of how MVC theory gets translated into code.

This is a good article, again for Swing, which runs EVERYTHING - i.e., in both directions - through the controller.

I liked this one, his commenters didn't.

Only touches on MVC, but lots of good ideas for efficiently building a JFace tree.

Undoable operations

Help entry

Field assist

A potential alternative to the SWT.!StyledText widget's decoration and autocomplete is JFace field assist

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