The Eclipse Jetty Integration is currently still bundled with Jetty 8, which is not compatible with jdk1.8.

Since the CDM-Library and dependant Java web applications have been switched to Java 8, jetty 8 can no longer be used to run the web-applications. Therefore all Jetty Launcher configurations in the source code have been prepared so that jetty 9 is used automatically. You need to configure a User defined variable in Eclipse, though!

  1. Download jetty 9 from as zip or tgz archive.
  2. Unpack it.
  3. Open the eclipse preferences dialog and enter 'substitution' in the search bar. Choose the 'Run/Debug'>'String Substitution' preferences editor below.
  4. Create a 'New ...' variable named jetty-runtime-9 the value must be the file system path of the a local installation of jetty 9. The variable must point to the extracted folder, e.g. jetty-distribution-9.4.1.v20170120, which contains the start.jar.

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