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Crashes or freezes in recent Ubuntu versions

This type of problems usually is caused by problems with the GTP themes. Defining custom GTK configuration settings the GTK2_RC_FILES variable before starting the eclipse helps avoiding these crashes.

This is a problem that also affects the Taxonomic Editor for which we suggest a solution which is described in
Taxeditor troubleshooting.

For developers we recommend using a eclipse start script: The attached contains a compilation of various options to avoid crashes due to various problems with the KDE Oxygen theme but also helps in other desktop environments.

The most simple start script is

Eclipse crashes related to tooltips

Adding the following option to the start script has solved the problem for some developers in the past.


Giant tabs in Eclipse Juno on Linux

Q: On Linux all GTK eclipse theme let render the views and editor tabs with a huge font size. How can I revert this to a normal look?

A1: RECOMMEND edit the plugins/org.eclipse.platform_4.2.*/css/e4_default_gtk.css and set the font-size to 9x or comment the font-size line out; see also very-large-tabs-in-eclipse-panes-on-ubuntu

.MPartStack {
    font-size: 9;
    swt-simple: false;
    swt-mru-visible: false;

A2: install according to the E4 CSS light editor (Incubation) plug-in. You can find it in the eclipse market place. An add a css rule to override the default, e.g.:

.MPartStack {
    font-size: 9;
    swt-simple: false;
    swt-mru-visible: false;
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