Drupal User Faq

This page provides general help on using Drupal which is used for many web sites and Application in the EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy

_Specific help on the some web applications not covered by this help page is also available: CDM DataPortal User FAQ, CDM DataPortal Admin FAQ.'


Is there a WYSIWYG editor to edit a web page?

In all Drupal based web applications the TinyMCE editor generally is installed and enabled. It allows rich text editing of the page body and of other text areas. If the TinyMCE editor is not visible it can be enabled by clicking on the link "Enable rich-text" below the text area.

How do I use the WYSIWYG editor?

A draft user guide is found at offering guidance on _Pasting in Text

, _Pictures and their upload. (IMCE), To Upload and Insert an Image: Centering an Image, _Spell Checkers

, _Links, Edit CSS, Confirm Button, Tables, Zoom. Not all of the features described in this guide may be enabled.

A special guide on the image tool IMCE:

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