Updating Drupal multi-site installations with Drush


Please see / Preparation

and for multi-site installations

  • edit server-scripts installed in /opt/server-scripts. And /opt/server-scripts/dataportal-admin added to the PATH environment variable.

How to

The formerly used update method, which is preserved here, has been superseded. Please refer to the / Update method 2 and its specific sub chapters Updating to a specific cdm-dataportal release and Updating drupal and modules

you may want to use below command for multi-site installations

scripts/admin/ --deactivate-install --multi-site


drush updatedb warns about missing modules

Missing modules can be fixed using the script which is contained in server-scripts/drupal/. In advance of using this script you need to download the module_missing_message_fixer:

drush pm-download --destination=sites/all/modules/ module_missing_message_fixer

Then you can run the script: {SITE-URL}

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