Drupal Administration With Drush

see also DrushTricks

NOTE: some example commands below are making use of the dataportal-admin commands.


Enable a server maintenance announcement block for all sites

A maintenance information block is provided through the drupal_maintenance_block module which is found in the bgbm git repo:

The notification shown in this module is hard coded so you need to update the module in order to change the text.

Before using this module you need to install it in {dupal-root}/sites/all/module by performing git clone for this git repository.

A further requirement is that you need the Drush extras project which has commands for administering blocks.

install drush_extras

drush dl drush_extras


dataportals-drush en -y drupal_maintenance_block
dataportals-drush block-configure --module=drupal_maintenance_block --delta=maintenance --region=highlighted --weight=-10


dataportals-drush dis -y drupal_maintenance_block
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