Descriptive Datasets Develop

This documentation is meant primarily for developers to understand and test descriptive dataset related issues. It is supposed to describe the interaction of model instances and of expected behavior

Descriptive datase attributes


Descriptive System

"Taxon filter"

Does not yet exist as model object but is expressed by the following attributes

Taxon subtree filter

Min/max Rank

Geo filter


For i18n of the DDS label

Character-/feature tree used for selection, order and hierarchy of available characters

UI elements

Character Editor

Objectives: Create characters and order them in a tree. The characters are created by combining a (biological) structure with a property. The character tree order often follows the structure tree structure but not necessarily.

Structures, Properties and States

If editing is needed they have to be edited via term tree editor. Many of them are provided via the ontology.

Descriptive Datasets

Perspective: the Descriptive Dataset perspective is the preferred perspective to work on the matrix

Descriptive Dataset Editor



Specimen selection

Specimens to be shown in list

All specimen somehow related to any taxon or taxon name in the selected subtree

The list is cached, to reload it press refresh button.

Q1: should we also allow to select from any specimen? If specimen are entered manually without any relationship or are imported and did not match to any existing taxon name they may not show up here.

Q2: no feedback is given about the result of created taxon descriptions for relation to specimen. Should we give feedback on number/labels created such relations?

Expected behavior

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