Data Services

This is a draft architecture for platform data services.

Currently, these are only notes of my first ideas. Should be followed.

Action flow for queries:

  1. Receive Request

  2. Analyse Query

  3. Retrieve Data

  4. Validate Data (optional)

  5. Convert Data format (optional)

  6. Return Response

Data Service Parameters:

  • Kind of Data

  • Adresses

  • Taxon Data

  • Literature (Bibliographic References)

  • Images

  • Documents

  • List of acceptable response data formats

  • e.g. LDAP, SyncML,...

  • e.g. TCS,...

  • e.g. BibTex, EndNote,...

  • e.g. JPEG, PNG, ...

  • Action or Function

  • e.g. query, read, write, versioning, validate

  • Input data format

  • applies for modifying actions only, e.g. write, versioning,

  • same as response data formats, but only one per data set

  • List of data stores to apply action to

  • URI-style description of data sources to be queried

  • may be just a label or may be an URL

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