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Final version 1 of deliverable D5.51 'Draft list of suitable communication/workgroup tools for platform environment' available.

International Workshop on Virtual Research Environments and Collaborative Work Environments

Notes on International Workshop on Virtual Research Environments and Collaborative Work Environments

Communication Tools Platform

The current issues regarding the implementation of a first prototype can be followed and discussed here.

I hope, Malte can setup a preliminary discussion forum related to this topic.

It is planned, to get a dedicated server to develop the communication tools platform within the next weeks. I think, it would make sense to move this forum and all documentation related to the platform as soon as possible to the server.

ComunicationTools Workshop Document for Kew Meeting 22-23.01.2007

Final version of the presentation Available Communication Tools available.

Communication Tools for Taxonomy – Planning a Cyber-Communication Platform

  1. Cyber Share-point

A tool for sharing potentially large taxonomic documents without the need for email (or ad hoc ftp sites). Should be accessible to inexperienced users. Be password protected as well as offering user (editing) rights.

  1. Cyber Smart Doc

A working document (e.g. check list) that is edited by group users. Features of such a working document could be:

  • Simple text editor with a MSWord-look and feel

  • Track changes mode

  • Syntax dictionary with a built-in syntax “spell-checker”

  • Provide “controlled vocabulary” (e.g. Gazetter, species status etc.).

  • Synchronisation option for off-line documents

  1. Groupware / Management Tools

Projects can be managed via a calender / planner in order to:

  • Plan online meetings/conferences

  • Organise field trips

  • Overall coordination of projects

  • ticket/bug system to manage tasks for user/taxonomists

  1. Image Sever

An imagining repository tool:

  • To uplaod and download images (e.g. SEMs, micrographs, photos etc.)

  • Annotate images (e.g. as text)

  • Mark the images (e.g. arrows, circles etc.)

  1. Internet telephony Conferencing and Video Conferencing

Use available VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) software tools such as Skype, PhoneGaim, YeaPhone, LinPhone, Cockatoo etc.

  1. Content management system A CMS could be very useful to have a website for groups to:
  • setup their own little website about the organism, members, contact etc.

  • run a forum to debate about images, characters, taxa, distribution

  • run the calendar

  • have a comments system for anything, e.g. images

  • have a maintained software base for the site

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