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# Community Websites
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At the core of the platform are the community websites, that publish taxonomic and associated data on the web and inform about a taxonomic community.
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The main website is build with wiki:Drupal, a content management system that allows to create flexible websites adapted in look and functionality to the needs of each community. Drupal comes with custom webpages, forums, blogs, image galleries and much more out of the box. EDIT is creating a new Drupal module, that will allow to publish CDM data (->CommonDataModel) hosted in a CDM [[CommunityStore]]. This store is the central repository of data for a community and offers several ways of interacting with it (see [[CommunityStore]] for details). The [[CdmDataportal]] currently exists as a set of mockups:
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The [[TaxonomicEditor]] is a desktop application that allows editing of the [[CommunityStore]] in every aspect. For bulk data import & export, the [[CommunityStore]] and the [[TaxonomicEditor]] accept native CdmXml format. For any other supported formats EDIT will provide [[CdmAdapters]] that transform the respective data format into the CdmXml. Those adapters will be provided as webservices but also be integrated into the [[TaxonomicEditor]] so that you can simply open BibTex files with the editor.
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We plan to use TaxonX as the markup format for existing publications and other document oriented data like word files. [[GoldenGate]] will be used to assist in marking up the original documents with TaxonX tags. The resulting TaxonX document can then be imported into the [[CommunityStore]] with the help of a wiki:CdmAdapters#TaxonX. This approach fits into the [WP6 workplan]( too.
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In order to efficiently link to other dynamic online databases we will develop a tool to link external resources with their URLs to existing CDM Store taxon facts. The tool tries to link the CDM store taxa with taxa from external resources and suggests the taxonomist its discovieries. Source data should be a simple text file with taxon concept name and the resource URL, or better an Atom feed with the same information. The Atom feed would allow to evaluate only new entries after an initial import. See #164
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# Platform Architecture
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For a richer textual description of the planned components and the platform architecture please *read the [[PlatformArchitecture|platform design draft]]*.
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