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Markus Döring, 02/11/2008 06:08 PM

CDM Community Store

A Central datastore for a community of users (taxonomically, geographically or otherwise defined). The community store server is used to centrally host versionable CommonDataModel data.

The store makes use of the CdmLibrary and exposes webservices based on the CdmLibrary service layer.

The CDM store is a central piece of the platform and applications that are able to interface with this store are considered part of the platform.


Planned services/APIs exposed by the community store are:


Mainly read operations exposing CdmDataTransferObjects for the CdmDataportal. The services will be URL encoded REST services and the http content-type of a request specifies whether XML or JSON (default) will be returned.

The detailed list of implemented and planned operations can be found at wiki:CdmAPI#RemoteAPI

RSS Search feeds

Additionally to the search services provided by the REST API above, the same search methods will also be exposed as RSS feeds. This allows RSS clients, or wikipedia:Aggregator, to "subscribe" to specific searches as RSS feeds are natively ordered chronologically and new search entries therefore can easily be identified. It is planned that all PrimaryCdmObjects will be exposed for searches.


In order to build central aggregators is is planned to support the OAI-PMH protocol with selective date based harvesting. GBIF":, "EOL or any other data aggregator will therefore be able to easily pool CDM data and keep their copy up to date by accessing incremental changes only - and not the entire CDM dataset every time.


The CDM Store will include an LSID resolver exposing PrimaryCdmObjects objects in RDF as TDWG LSID voc

File Server


Please see ImageServer


We will use Drupal as a start



  • version:CdmStore01 - initial CDM Store based on CommonDataModel v1. Exposing a subset of CDM data (taxon, name & references) as JSON objects to be consumed by the CdmDataportal. Exact methods defined by the CdmAPI#RemoteAPI

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