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Markus Döring, 10/29/2007 11:09 AM

CDM Community Store

A Central datastore for a community of users (taxonomically, geographically or otherwise defined). The community store server is used to centrally host versionable CommonDataModel data.

The store makes use of the CdmLibrary and exposes a SyncApi as well as webservices based on the CdmLibrary service layer.

The CDM store is at the heart of the platform and application fully integrated into the platform should be able to interface this store.

Services/APIs exposed by the community store are:

  • REST read operations for portals

    • search/get for all identifiable classes. Specialised operations as required, e.g. the PortalServices
  • RSS search feeds for subscriptions

  • Sync API, likely based on SyncML

  • OAI-PMH for aggregation

  • LSID resolver exposing objects in RDF as TDWG LSID voc

File Server


Please see ImageServer


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