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# CoL Import Dokumentation 

 * The download is available from    (see also for partial downloads) 
 * Copy the download to \\bgbm-pesihpc\CoL or any other place you have access to 
 * The import is launched by ColDwcaImportActivator in cdmlib-apps ( 
 * Be aware that the import takes very long 
     * >2 days 
     * it is highly recommended to not run it into production 
 * The import is split in multiple parts 
     * taxa 
     * extensions 
     * higher taxa 
     * lower taxa 
     * synonymy 

   For performance reasons and because the import make run out of memory it is highly recommended to split it, especially higher and lower taxonomy should be imported separately 

 * give enough memory e.g. -Xmx9000M (also consider defining your own log file and log properties e.g. by -Dlog4j.configuration=file:///C:/Users/a.mueller/.cdmLibrary/log/properties/