This document describes the manual step by step procedure for releasing a new version of CDM based platform components.

CDM Release Procedure

1. CDM Library

  1. Update your svn working copy

  2. Run mvn install and make sure every test runs OK.

  3. Create a new branch for the new version number

2. Taxonomic Editor

3. CDM Server

  1. Copy the new cdm-server-x.x.jar which has been build above into /opt/cdm-server on the server

  2. Execute the following commands after replacing the placeholder x.x by the new versions number.

 cd /opt/cdm-server
 unlink cdm-server.jar
 ln -s cdm-server-x.x.jar cdm-server.jar
 /etc/init.d/cdm-server restart
  1. Open your browser at and verify every server instance is starting up.

4. CDM DataPortal

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