Roadmap for the development of the CDM dataportals


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There are individual reports on CdmDataportal bugs and feature requests:

  • {33} Dataportal Feature Requests

  • {31} Dataportal Bug Report

Further reports:

  • {27} DataPortal (active tickets)

  • {16} DataPortalTickets (with Description)

Tasks ordered by Preference

The following table is the result of an internal survey. It shows the individual and combined ranking of outstanding tasks in the dataportal development:

|Rank|Scheduled for|Title|Description|Ticket|Cichorieae|Diptera|Palmae||ALL|
|1|Jan-09|create reference page - FIXED||#434|2|1|5||2,67|
|10|Jan-09|Back to search results button in taxon page|FIXED|#|15|4|7||8,67|
|2|Feb-09|create bibliography page - FIXED|A page that shows all cited references from an explicit CDMDataStore in alphabetical order. |#435|3|5|4||4|
|9|Feb-09|make highest displayed taxon in taxontree configurable|The rank of the highest displayed taxon should be configurable on a per portal basis. E.g. taxontree displays an alphabetical list of genera that may be expanded to their infrageneric taxa |#437|13|12|1||8,67|
|8|Mrz-09|simplify main search| The option "Beginning | Anywhere | Exact" is not really used, as this functionality can be achieved by using an asterisk. |#427|6|10|10||8,67|
|11|Mrz-09|discuss storage facility for user contributed images|We need a storage facility for user contributed images as we store only the URL in CDM. Discuss this with all developers to find a suitable solution. |#429|7|14|8||9,67|
|15|Mrz-09|implement vernacular name search|vernacular names should be searchable. Preferably from within the main search with an implemented vernacular search, the main search form should operate on scientific names AND vernacular names by default. |#423|8|15|13||12|
|16|Mrz-09|Impove / compact display of types|The display of types in the dataportal is redundant, e.g in case of the isotypes (see below). A general solution should be discussed with all exemplar groups. |#461|-na-|-na-|-na-||-na- |
|17|Mrz-09|Improved sort order of search results [DISCUSS]|All matching genus names should be the first entries of the search result list, that is they appear before the names of taxa with a rank between genus and species.

e.g. see and do a Full search for Genus = "Hyoser*" |#472|-na-|-na-|-na-||-na- |

|5|Apr-09|implement image import with metadata handling for editor contributed images |A mostly generic method for importing image URIs and metadata|#448|4|8|9||7|
|7|Apr-09|search result showing images|The search result should show images. This may be toggled by clicking a checkbox, whether you would want to see names or images.

Basic idea would be to have a visually appealing search result contrary to a list of names, so that the interest and alertness of the user would be held high.

Should show the main image of a taxon only. |#426|10|9|6||8,33|

|3|Mai-09|geographic search|A geographic search like in the following examples:,
This search option should go to "advanced search" |#428|1|3|11||5|

|4|Jun-09|create a name index for dataportals|A name index of all names present in a CDMDataStore. As a nice-to-have this index list may be filtered by certain criteria (e.g. rank, accepted only, s.o.) |#422|12|6|2||6,67|
|6|Jul-09|implement advanced search|a more sophisticated search form that would make it possible to search for additional criteria. This would include:

  1. Filters on the regular name search (e.g. accepted only)

  2. FullText search of features, either over all features or by feature explicitly

  3. ... |#424|9|2|12||7,67|

|13|Aug-09|make annotations moderatable|There should be the possibility to moderate annotations. That is, an annotation does not get displayed directly once submitted, but has to approved and activated by a moderating user first. |#432|5|11|15||10,33|
|14|Aug-09|store the annotating drupal user in cdm when annotating|The annotating drupal user has to be stored in cdm. |#431|11|7|14||10,67|
|18|Sep-09|implement image import with metadata handling for user contributed images |||-na-|-na-|-na-||-na- |
|12|Nov-09|change default heading of taxon tree|FIXED|#|14|13|3||10|
|19|Nov-09|Implement statisics on data|||-na-|-na-|-na-||-na- |

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