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# Multilingual set up of the Data Portal 

 ## 1) Install the required following modules  

 see #5913 for further details (see #5913) 

 drush -l {site-url} en languageicons i18n i18n_menu i18n_node i18n_string i18n_translation i18n_variable l10n_update 

 Notes on automatic installation of translations: 

 The translations can be named as $langcode.po or with names ending with $langcode.po. 

 Translations are only automatically imported during the installation of the module for 
 all the languages already set up on the site, 
 see! for details. 

 If the module is already enabled you need to disable and re-enable it. Alternatively you can use the following drush command: 

 drush php-eval "locale_system_update(array('yourmodule_name'));drush_backend_batch_process();" 

 ## 2) Multilingual menus 

 ## 3) ...