CDM Library API

This page is a list of CdmLibrary API functionality requested by developers of applications accessing the CDM, i.e. the TaxonomicEditor or the CdmPortal. To request new functionality, please write a Java signature and a brief description (optional) of what is needed, then contact the CDM team (Markus Döring or Andreas Müller). Once the initial onslaught of requests has settled down, tickets should be filed for further extensions.

Note that methods are organized by package. The method signatures contain the names of their classes.

CDM Domain API

Methods part of the domain model as defined by the CommonDataModel. All domain classes have methods, mostly simple getter/setter methods, but some with more intelligent methods too.

You can browse the CDM classes here:

Local API

Exposed service API from the CdmLibrary. Mainly dealing with searching, updating and other access to non connected objects.

Services are defined as Java Interfaces. The current state is available through the javadocs:

Remote API

Exposed (REST) webservice API from the CdmLibrary. Exposes [CdmDataTransferObjects] instead of domain objects. The current Java Interface is defined here:

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