CDM Data Portal User FAQ

This page provides help on the CDM DataPortal regarding general user tasks which are specific for the data portal and thus are not covered by the Drupal User FAQ

Is there a word like editor available?

The tinyMCE WYSIWYG editor and the IMCE image upload plugins have been added and configured for all portal installations of the three exemplargroups. An introduction on how to use these is found at:

The Drupal modules can be downloaded from

What is all that information displayed in an image page?

An image is modeled in the CDM in a flexible and generic way. An image, for example a scanned plate from a publication may be broken up into multiple parts. Furthermore can an image exist in multiple representation an and qualities.

For example a scanned book section (multiple parts) may exist as multi page PDF, as multiple web quality jpg and high quality tiff, one per page. Therefore an image is a generic media object which may have multiple representations whereas each representation may consist of multiple parts.

The image page displays in the table all parts with meta information and a clickable thumbnail to access this part. Above this table there is a tabbed menu by which the different representations are accessible.

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