Berlin Model Review

This page is dedicated to EDIT taxonomists using the Berlin Model. Please post (and sign) your comments regarding the Berlin Model and its web editor.

Please note that further information about the Berlin Model can be found at


Requested features

sorted in order of priority:

  • Name facts in the Webeditor. Name facts can initially also be used to store type information as structured text. Once the proper type module is available, this data can be imported.

  • Finalize ZoologicalAdaptation of the Berlin Model

  • Implementation of an overall OccurrenceModule that works with any area and status standards

  • TypeModule that keeps structured information about type specimens

  • SpecimenModule or external tool

  • Implementation of an overall reference database

  • Revision the Web-editor (Authentication & Security)

  • Technical improvement and cleanup of the Model (remove refdetails table, single Potential Taxon reference)

  • migrate to new (open source) technology

  • use postgres or mysql

  • use java object layer instead of stored procedures

  • replace ColdFusion with PHP/JSP for webeditor

  • webservice read access

  • Implementation of Undo / Redo functions

  • Instead of the abbreviated nomenclatural reference, we need a link to the actual reference (Irina).

  • there is a URL field available for every reference. its just not yet included in the webeditor

  • A genus name needs a type species and a qualifier (?), e.g. "monotypy", "original designation" or "subsequent designation", in which case it would need the link to the reference of the subsequent designation (Irina).

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