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Andreas Kohlbecker, 12/13/2010 02:48 PM

BDTracker Development

A new version of the BDTracker is under development. However the final release of this version has been postponed to somewhere in future.

The old version, that is the current one, introduced new content types by implementing them in through a special softwareTracker Drupal module. In contrast the new version relies on the Drual CCK and other modules (see section below), so there is no bdTracker module. All implementation work has been done in the Drupal CMS except for some theme functions which have been overridden. The according source code is available from the EDIT svn repository: source:branches/drupal/theme-dbTracker-DEV2.0

A detailed description of the requirements for new release is found in the Relaunch_of_BDTracker.doc

The Drupal5 installation under development as well as a mySQL dump of the project are attached to this wiki page:

Modules being used


  • Administration Menu


  • Link

  • Content Templates

  • Imagefield

  • Link

  • Money


  • Currency API

Node relationships

  • Node Relativity


  • Comment RSS

  • Taxonomy Filter

Spam control



  • Views

  • Views Filterblok

Open issues

Open issues regarding the bdTracker can be found in the ticket system.

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