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97863fae 03/23/2023 01:05 PM Katja Luther

ref #10221: add missing change sin CdmServerInfoCOnfig

8f346bc4 03/21/2023 12:33 PM Katja Luther

ref #10221: save the json file in human readable form

ec076543 02/10/2023 01:03 AM Andreas Müller

ref #10222 adapt taxeditor to changes (DerivedUnitFacade and CondensedDistributionRecipe move) and cleanup

2c60f44a 01/31/2023 03:29 PM Katja Luther

add urlString to error message

f3367749 01/25/2023 02:58 PM Katja Luther

ref #10221: adaptions in CdmServerInfo

af15e2e3 01/05/2023 01:51 PM Andreas Müller

fix #10214 fix overriden cache configuration creation, replace eternal by 1h / 20min

87734bf5 01/05/2023 01:13 AM Andreas Müller

ref #10214 rename CdmCacheBase to CdmPermanentCacheBase in TaxEditor

25ba5d31 01/04/2023 11:25 PM Andreas Müller


0a954e76 12/27/2022 07:20 PM Andreas Müller

adapt taxeditor to changes in CdmRemoteCacheManager

9c90cb9c 12/26/2022 08:11 PM Andreas Müller

fix logging in service proxy

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