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fe2e78f0 03/09/2016 12:06 PM Katja Luther

fix #5626

2b468360 02/29/2016 02:31 PM Katja Luther

make restore of taxon navigator a preference

bd7b2ec4 02/26/2016 11:18 AM Katja Luther

smaller changes to fix moving of taxonnodes

f0b2a32b 02/24/2016 08:01 AM Patrick Plitzner

Made referenced entities selectabel for supplemental data #4627

6da59e5d 02/23/2016 06:26 PM Patrick Plitzner

Fix editing of transient entities in EntitySelectionElement #5592

b9879b5e 02/23/2016 05:55 PM Patrick Plitzner

Fix potential NPE #5565

014739f7 02/23/2016 03:50 PM Patrick Plitzner

Trim code

7df92cb1 02/23/2016 03:50 PM Patrick Plitzner

Handle "Finish" button correctly for import wizards

  • "Finish" is only enabled when a file is selected #5589
389c0ca1 02/23/2016 03:50 PM Patrick Plitzner

Remove kindOfUnit from label in DerivativeEditor

23ffcd61 02/23/2016 03:50 PM Patrick Plitzner

REvert caching of cdm formatter

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