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fbb8b34c 04/27/2021 03:14 PM Andreas Müller


99b383ea 04/27/2021 01:10 PM Katja Luther

avoid widgetIsDisposed exception

d33f36bb 04/16/2021 01:58 PM Andreas Müller

cleanup and fix NPE if no active session in debug view

5e1d646d 04/02/2021 10:54 PM Andreas Müller


3ce2af15 04/02/2021 09:52 PM Andreas Müller

ref #9541 further fixes for referencing objects and related issues

c4de8fcb 04/02/2021 09:48 PM Andreas Müller


880f5390 04/02/2021 12:16 AM Andreas Müller

ref #9541 refactor Open..Handlers to all use UuidAndTitleCache as input and some more changes and bugfixes

fd6c6dec 04/01/2021 10:59 AM Andreas Müller

ref #9541 use openInTarget for OpenIn (CdmViewerUtilE4)

824ea259 04/01/2021 10:56 AM Andreas Müller

ref #9541 fix missing OpenIn menu for ordinary CdmBase input

69dc5be6 04/01/2021 03:32 AM Andreas Müller

ref #9541 open referencing objects in openIn target

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