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de5abb9d 06/16/2016 11:39 AM Katja Luther


1438fa1b 06/14/2016 02:33 PM Katja Luther


7e55a0c5 06/14/2016 11:44 AM Patrick Plitzner

Performance tweak for specimen editor

  • Avoid loading too many specimens in the specimen editor
  • delay the selection too avoid double loading
64aa3373 06/14/2016 11:44 AM Patrick Plitzner

Sort root entities in specimen editor #5797

23b1c77b 06/14/2016 11:38 AM Patrick Plitzner

Saving files before refreshing line endings

5940cf36 06/13/2016 12:54 PM Patrick Plitzner

Fix "Show Details" menu in name editor #5880

d1dfc43d 06/13/2016 12:26 PM Patrick Plitzner


827bea53 06/12/2016 07:38 AM Katja Luther

fix selection dialog

1d48c1fb 06/10/2016 09:55 PM Andreas Müller

Fix wildcard issue for taxon search in TaxonNodeSelectionDialog

0ceed233 06/10/2016 04:20 PM Andreas Müller

Revert some changes to allow compilation. Needs to be fixed ASAP

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