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dc12a332 08/30/2017 10:33 AM Katja Luther

ref #6860: use timezone offset 0 and change joda DateTime to ZonedDateTime, until in lib DateTime is still joda a converter is used

df5e3464 08/29/2017 02:15 PM Katja Luther

ref #6722: life form is available in fieldunit details

2f0030fa 08/24/2017 05:14 PM pplitzner

ref #6912 Fix class cast exception

6ef01e0f 08/24/2017 05:14 PM pplitzner

Fix potential NPE

e461037f 08/23/2017 02:05 PM Patrick Plitzner

fix #6922 Migrate Term Editor

34dad812 08/23/2017 09:06 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6913 Remove unused views from store plugin

0e4f55de 08/22/2017 03:40 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6921 Initial import of e4 classes

a5b67ac3 08/22/2017 03:04 PM Patrick Plitzner

fix #6912 Migrate DataSource view

d17343e9 08/22/2017 11:57 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #6597 Propagate selection of details view

94d05504 08/22/2017 09:09 AM Katja Luther

fix #6919:toggleableTextFields should have default color if not protected

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