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cdd296d8 09/03/2020 01:54 PM Katja Luther

fix #9215: fire property change event only when something is selected in term combo element

3dfc2334 08/21/2020 01:24 PM Andreas Müller

ref #9204 upgrade and remove further libraries in taxeditor (including commons-lang und unitils)

33c10482 04/07/2020 03:40 PM Katja Luther

fix #8943: fix handling of term preferences in combo boxes and code cleaning

ac712404 03/06/2020 10:11 AM Katja Luther

add default comparator to all term combos without own comparator

5a9bfdf8 01/28/2020 09:55 AM Katja Luther

ref #8832: fix deselction of status when changing area in distribution detail element

5d429a5f 01/24/2020 11:24 AM Katja Luther

fix #8749: fix selection in combo with proposalProvider

aae0ca06 01/21/2020 10:55 AM Katja Luther

fix #8749: move proposal adapter creation to method in abstractComboDetailElement

8af14eec 12/11/2019 09:54 AM Katja Luther

fix IndexOutOfBoundsException in TermComboElement

11f52a90 08/23/2019 03:49 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8475 Remove not needed super method

e9eec17d 08/23/2019 03:29 PM Patrick Plitzner

Restructure ui.combo package

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