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c8cd88d1 12/09/2014 05:56 PM Cherian Mathew

forgot the test files in the last commit

58afb673 12/09/2014 05:55 PM Cherian Mathew

moving all source files from the remoting project to the cdmlib project

9797b698 12/08/2014 06:28 PM Cherian Mathew

clean up

3fd7eb7e 12/08/2014 04:43 PM Cherian Mathew

moving code to remoting project

c3f81c22 11/18/2014 10:28 AM Cherian Mathew

remotingApplicationContext : now using the cachers from cdmlib
CdmServiceCacher : added unimplemented method

e139a136 11/17/2014 10:54 AM Patrick Plitzner
  • exported package to fix compile errors
375fee3c 10/28/2014 03:45 PM Cherian Mathew

removed version dependency for org.eclipse.nebula.widgets.compositetable
and added the composite table jar to the p2 update

ea90e3a1 10/14/2014 01:53 PM Patrick Plitzner

merge-update from trunk

68d4a034 10/14/2014 01:52 PM Katja Luther
cdf522d1 10/14/2014 01:51 PM Katja Luther

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