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ba5714f0 05/08/2019 01:52 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8263 Only refresh affected elements after operation

b84547d8 05/08/2019 11:46 AM Patrick Plitzner

Fix infinite loop when moving terms with parent terms

cf7529d5 04/03/2019 03:02 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8044 Make "Move to..." experimental

b0b1cfbe 04/03/2019 12:21 PM Patrick Plitzner

Remove character term editor menu item

903b5970 03/20/2019 08:06 AM Patrick Plitzner

Adapt to model change (set termType in constructor)

5e339d32 03/06/2019 03:04 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8044 Add "Move to..." menu to term editor

b9dc6bb1 03/05/2019 12:12 PM Andreas Müller

fix #8162 adapt terms to new package structure in TaxEditor

ae31507c 03/04/2019 10:16 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8146 i18n for term drop adapter

80d9861f 03/04/2019 09:56 AM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8146 Check termType in term drop adapter

1f1ad1bc 03/01/2019 04:15 PM Patrick Plitzner

Fix potential NPE

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