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b953bc70 05/07/2021 12:37 AM Andreas Müller


d991bdfe 03/11/2021 12:39 PM Katja Luther

remove Remoting from classnames and rename featuretreecomparator

f609e74d 03/05/2021 12:28 PM Andreas Müller


61e77456 03/04/2021 05:34 PM Katja Luther

ref #8767: check for publish when moving taxon

7c96f526 02/25/2021 12:56 PM Katja Luther

ref #8767: add warning dialog for change acc to syn for different puplish flags

44000ac1 02/23/2021 03:54 PM Katja Luther

ref #9340: workflow for changing synonym to acc and acc to synonym

12cdcf1f 02/04/2021 11:29 AM Katja Luther

do not refresh navigator if it is not needed

2f7a80f7 12/18/2020 10:33 PM Andreas Müller

ref #9349 adapt TaxEditor to method move for cloneSubtree - try to fix compile errors

14ac3831 12/18/2020 10:25 PM Andreas Müller


c929d34b 05/27/2020 04:44 PM Katja Luther

ref #9033: adapt editor to taxonnode.status

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