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Revision ae7e2680

Added by Cherian Mathew almost 8 years ago

ICdmDataChangeService, CdmUIDataChangeService, CdmDataChangeService : added new data change service with different services for the ui and non-ui states
CdmApplicationState, CdmStore : added data change service to app state
CdmChangeEvent, ICdmChangeListener : added change listener and even to fire in case of data changes
ICdmEntitySessionEnabled : extends new change service interface
ICdmEntitySession, CdmEntitySession : removed data change un/registration since this is now handled by the new data change service
BaseRemotingTest, MockCdmEntitySession, *Editor, *ViewPart, *Navigator : refactoring with new change listener
RemotingCdmHandler, RemotingCdmOperation, RemotingCdmUpdateOperation : added new handler / operation architecture base classes
AbstractUtility : added method for running async operation with callback to handler
RemotingChangeAcceptedTaxonToSynonymHandler,RemotingChangeAcceptedTaxonToSynonymOperation : first implementations of new handler / operation architecture
plugin.xml : added standalone and remoting handlers for ChangeAcceptedTaxonToSynonym
*Test : adapted for new handler / operation and change service

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