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Revision 9b792c34

Added by Katja Luther over 3 years ago

smaller changes in distribution aggregation ui

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DistributionAggregationWizardPage_TOOLTIP_SOURCEMODE_WITHIN_TAXON=Defines the source mode if aggragation within taxon is selected.
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AggregationWizardPage_SUBTREE=Aggregation for selected subtree(s) 
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AggregationWizardPage_SINGLE_TAXON=Aggregation only for
AggregationWizardPage_WITHOUT_CHILDREN= (without children)
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SetAggregationConfiguration_Title=Aggregation configuration;
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StructuredDescriptionAggregationWizardPage_SELECT_SUBTREE=Select subtree(s) for aggregation
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StructuredDescriptionAggregationWizardPage_TOOLTIP_SELECT_SUBTREE=If not all subtrees included in the descriptive data set should be aggregated, select the subtrees for the aggregation

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