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b6609b9d 04/10/2019 12:32 PM Patrick Plitzner

ref #8222 Add interface method for operation based editors

9a7abbee 04/09/2019 09:53 AM Katja Luther

refresh details when changing concept type

9e1446d2 03/27/2019 03:45 PM Katja Luther

ref #7428: update all name editors involved when executing subtree operations

123796a3 03/13/2019 04:00 PM Katja Luther

ref #7428: move updateViews into AbstractUtility

ddc5d7b6 02/28/2019 10:53 AM Katja Luther

do not call placecursor after creating new synonym

8e2b7726 02/08/2019 11:35 AM Katja Luther

fix NameEditorPropertyTester for accepted names which are also included in concept relations

1718abec 02/08/2019 11:11 AM Patrick Plitzner

Add initial check for TaxonBase to property tester

d78bb89a 02/08/2019 11:02 AM Katja Luther

minor in name editor

a1cca9f8 02/08/2019 11:00 AM Patrick Plitzner

Set selection when setting focus to name editor

53b6740f 02/08/2019 09:27 AM Katja Luther

fix redraw of misapplied group in name editor

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